Today I want to introduce you to of one of my favorite Georgian artists - Merab Abramishvili (1957 – 2006).

I love his work, his intricate patterns, delicate, almost otherworldly colors. 

"Having a very distinct painting style, Abramishvili belongs to the alternative art scene of the 80s Georgia. This group is very significantly interested in religion, often employing it as their subject matter- a kind of protest against the Soviet dismissal of religion and their forced recreation of the national identity."

"Abramishvili found an escape route in his mythological and biblical scenes, the heavenly animals and rocking maidens. Abramishvili’s canvases radiated hope against the total agony - hence his charm."

"Working in tempera and watercolours, the painter employed and arguably revived the gesso technique; deeply inspired by the fresco painting, which is not surprising as Georgia has a centuries old fresco painting tradition."

"His art is an astonishing hybrid of the Georgian fresco and Eastern miniature paintings. Scrupulous attention to every detail, the transparent washes lit up by the egg glazing speak of a very demanding and disciplined painter." x


Most important NFL commercial to date!




yea guess which one i am


yea guess which one i am

After a while you learn that everything stops.
Bret Easton Ellis (via quotes-shape-us)




Book borrowing is the biggest form of true love it’s like, “Here’s a piece of my soul that I think you would enjoy.” 


*slow clap for the harry potter fandom*